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What is my pension Worth?

Establishing the value of your pension

The value of your pension(s) depends on various factors, such as how long you contributed to the scheme, the level of your contributions, the performance of the underlying investment, and the overall charges deducted by the fund manager.

You should receive annual statements from your pension provider showing how your fund is performing and what your retirement income is likely to be, based on the fund achieving certain rates of growth.  These reports also includes the value of your pension fund on or around the date the statement is produced.


  • Small changes to the underlying investment can make a significant difference to the value of your pension at retirement.
  • If you haven’t reviewed your personal finances for some time then stop and think! Taking an hour or two now could make a real difference to how you spend your time in retirement.
  • Are you aware of how many preserved pensions you have and what the total value is.  This is vitally important if you are to have any control over your financial plans.
  • If you have preserved pension but can’t find them, we can help.  We can trace previous pensions, no matter how small.  Every penny counts and can make a difference over time.
  • By establishing the overall value of your investments and how that value could translate into income when you retire, you will feel much more in control.  Our review service will help provide you with that information and much more.

Know more

Neglecting your financial planning is all too easy nowadays.  There are so many distractions, such as work, family, and financial commitments – the list goes on!

Contact us today if you want to find out what kind of shape your retirement plans are in.  By knowing and understanding more about your finances, you will be in a much better position to make changes – changes that can have a significant influence over how you spend your free time in retirement.

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